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Mass Effect Andromeda: Hate that I love you by TheAshenDirewolf Mass Effect Andromeda: Hate that I love you :icontheashendirewolf:TheAshenDirewolf 3 0 Mass Effect Andromeda: Shady Charleton by TheAshenDirewolf Mass Effect Andromeda: Shady Charleton :icontheashendirewolf:TheAshenDirewolf 0 0 Mass Effect Andromeda: Tori and Reyes by TheAshenDirewolf Mass Effect Andromeda: Tori and Reyes :icontheashendirewolf:TheAshenDirewolf 0 0 Blue Exorcist: Katsa by TheAshenDirewolf Blue Exorcist: Katsa :icontheashendirewolf:TheAshenDirewolf 4 0 Blue Exorcist: Medea by TheAshenDirewolf Blue Exorcist: Medea :icontheashendirewolf:TheAshenDirewolf 2 0 Black Butler: Cassia Character Sheet by TheAshenDirewolf Black Butler: Cassia Character Sheet :icontheashendirewolf:TheAshenDirewolf 5 9 Mass Effect Andromeda: Tori Ryder by TheAshenDirewolf Mass Effect Andromeda: Tori Ryder :icontheashendirewolf:TheAshenDirewolf 4 2 Mass Effect Andromeda: Reyes Vidal by TheAshenDirewolf Mass Effect Andromeda: Reyes Vidal :icontheashendirewolf:TheAshenDirewolf 2 0 Black Butler: Cassia Sinclair by TheAshenDirewolf Black Butler: Cassia Sinclair :icontheashendirewolf:TheAshenDirewolf 5 0 Hakuouki: Breath of Life by TheAshenDirewolf Hakuouki: Breath of Life :icontheashendirewolf:TheAshenDirewolf 7 3 FFXV: Sydno by TheAshenDirewolf FFXV: Sydno :icontheashendirewolf:TheAshenDirewolf 2 0 Yandere Simulator: Ayando by TheAshenDirewolf Yandere Simulator: Ayando :icontheashendirewolf:TheAshenDirewolf 44 5 Law and Order SVU: Rafael Barba by TheAshenDirewolf Law and Order SVU: Rafael Barba :icontheashendirewolf:TheAshenDirewolf 0 1 ONS: Benjynn  by TheAshenDirewolf ONS: Benjynn :icontheashendirewolf:TheAshenDirewolf 4 2 Seraph of The End: My Sunshine by TheAshenDirewolf Seraph of The End: My Sunshine :icontheashendirewolf:TheAshenDirewolf 5 12 J-Kraken by TheAshenDirewolf J-Kraken :icontheashendirewolf:TheAshenDirewolf 3 1


Hakuouki Seven Minutes In Heaven Souji Okita
       “Alright, since this was my idea, I think I'll go first.” Souji walked over to the now seated group of girls and stroked his chin. “Since I brought all of you here, I should get a turn with each of you, but I suppose I'll be nice to everyone else and just pick one of you.” His eyes locked on yours, causing a wide, flirtatious smile to appear on his face. “I think you'll do nicely.” He offered you his hand and helped you onto your feet. “Shall we?”
Toshizo grabbed onto Souji's sleeve and pulled him back into the room. “Souji, where do you think you're going? You can't just waltz around outside with her. You need to stay hidden.” He pointed to a small room where extra linens, dishes and other odds and ends were kept. “You'll spend your time with her in there. You'll still have plenty of privacy, but you'll both be safe.”
“A thin wall might be enough privacy for you, but I think I'd pr
:iconvampiregodesnyx:VampireGodesNyx 96 13
Today is the day were i reached 1000 watchers! <33
And to thank you all i want to do a 3 month core raffle!
There'll be 2 winner, both of them are going to get a 3 month core membership! <33
This raffle is going to end in 24 hours! <3
All you have to do is to comment and you'll get a number.
If you spread this raffle you are going to get 2 numbers and your winning chance will increase! >u<
Thank you all so much!
Love ya <3
:iconshiromidorii:ShiroMidorii 27 308
Peter Quill x Reader One-Shot Bit of Both?
Bit of Both?
Peter Quill x Reader One-Shot
By SophiaofTerra
               Moord, 2014.
            The air was murky and the incredibly warm environment sent the man into a slight daze. He shook his head and pressed the button behind his ear, breathing easier as a mask formed over his face. With a motion of his hand, the Guardians followed his lead to a relatively large building, no windows, one visible door. He slid behind a corner of the place, raising his blaster in front of him.
            Peter looked around, back to the wall. His finger was on the trigger, prepared for a swarm of soldiers to come their way. After all, they were on the Brotherhood of Badoon’s home planet. The out
:iconsophiaofterra:SophiaofTerra 127 29
Peter Quill x Reader Christmas Special One-Shot
That’s Christmas To Me
Peter Quill x Reader
A Christmas Special One-Shot by SophiaofTerra ©
               EARTH, 1987
               “Mothership! Mothership,” the boy called, prancing down the hallway of his suburban Colorado home, “Mothership!”
               Meredith Quill smiled, rolling out from under her bed sheets. Her son, Peter, burst through the door and scampered onto her bed, jumping up and down. She laughed merrily at the sight, brushing a few stray strands of hair from her face.
               “What is it, my precious Star-Lord?”
:iconsophiaofterra:SophiaofTerra 95 38
Dance Battles (StarLordxReader) One-Shot
While Peter discussed some things with the Nova Corps and the ship stayed waiting on the planet, you and Rocket had been tinkering away with the ship all the afternoon. Rocket had been the one who tried to make bombs out of all of the small parts he could find, but you managed to coax him into doing something more fun. You and Rocket had both grown annoyed to the music that Peter constantly played. Hooked on a Feeling was a great song to dance to….the first 100 times. After fishing out your iPod from your bag, Rocket helped you connect it to the ship. Relief washed over the both of you when it worked and new music filled the ship.
“What song is this?” Gamora asked puzzled when she walked into the cockpit. “I’ve never heard it before.”
“This my friend, is rock music and the song that you’re hearing is I Write Sins, Not Tragedies. Pretty neat, huh?” You looked at her with eager eyes.
Her nose crinkled up in confusion. “Bu
:iconphoenixangel7:PhoenixAngel7 240 48
Heart Songs (Star-LordxReader) One-Shot
Your mothers and fathers lips moved, their eyes bugging out of their heads, and your mothers face reddened with anger. But you weren’t hearing a single thing. You sat stubbornly on the couch, your arms folded over your chest. Your iPod was playing your favorite song on full volume, making their voices not able to reach your ears in even the slightest.
Your mother had had enough of this so she ripped your headphones out of your ears.
“Ow!” you whined, your ears beginning to ring.
“Serves you right,” she huffed.
“Now sweetie, we only mean the best for you. You’re twenty-three years old. It’s time you leave the spaceship and start your own adventures.”
“But I don’t want to!” you wailed, falling back on the couch to lie on your back. “You can’t expect me to leave...with that thing!”
You pointed to the man your parents were trying to get you to marry. Except it wasn’t a man. No, it wasn’t a
:iconphoenixangel7:PhoenixAngel7 330 115
Starlord X Reader: Pelvic Sorcerer (One-Shot!)
Starlord X Reader: Pelvic Sorcerer (One-Shot!)
Starship Rora
    Peter Quill quickly ran onto his ship and flew off trying his best to escape from the authorities, once he escaped, you opened up a hatch. Peter looked at you and smiled innocently, your hair was all messy, you sent a slight glare at Peter.
    “Peter? What the hell happened?” You asked feeling extremely dizzy.
    “To be honest… I forgot you were here… I guess it was in the heat of the moment” Peter chuckled.
    "Peter!” You closed the hatch looking at Peter who put the ship on auto pilot.
    He walked up to you, “I’m sorry” Peter mumbled kissing your cheek.
    You quickly pushed Peter away, “Don’t you dare! You… You! Pelvic Sorcerer!” You took a step back, “Yondu was right, you are quite the idiot” You rolled yo
:iconmind-wolf:Mind-Wolf 73 2
Peter Quill x Reader One-Shot September
a Peter Quill x Reader One-Shot
Based on ‘September’ by Earth, Wind & Fire
by SophiaofTerra
               Do you remember the 21st night of September?
               Xandar was known for its large cities and sparkling night lights. The cities shone as brightly as the stars- a beacon of hope, per se- for it was Xandar’s own Nova Corps that helped protect the people of the Milky Way galaxy.
            What most didn’t know, and you were about to discover, was that Xandar also had amazing forests. Yes, they were few and far between, but with Peter’s help and a Milano to take you two there, you would definitely see one.
:iconsophiaofterra:SophiaofTerra 97 32
Out Cold | Peter Quill x Reader |
Whoever was in your house at this hour wasn't getting anything but a meeting between your foot and their ass. It was 3 a.m. Three. In. The. Morning! You used that time for conventional things, like, perhaps, sleeping! But no, some douche wanted to come in your house and try and hang out, steal your shit, and kill you.
"Not today, bitch." You muttered, fists clenched at your sides.
The perpetrator was tall, you gathered upon nearing the stairs. He was moving around slowly, groggily, even. You rolled your eyes and neared the railing, watching him closely in the dark sea your living room became after 8 o'clock. If he was tired, he shouldn't have been sneaking around in random people's houses this time of night! Idiot.
He seemed to know his way around in the dark, as he didn't trip, stumble, or even stutter in his movements. But when he got close enough to that railing you pounced, landing on him and straightening him flat out on his back.
You punched him square
:icontonystarks-girl:TonyStarks-Girl 95 18
An Afternoon Snooze (Peter Quill x Reader)
Today was an extremely boring day for you and the rest of the crew aboard the Milano.
Nobody was doing anything.
No artifacts to locate, no enemies to fight, no ships on the hunt to destroy you.
Yep, a pretty productive day.
You took this opportunity to catch up on your sleep since you were barely getting any (You're constantly looking over your shoulder).
In preparation of your tiny midday nap, you grab a book, change into comfortable clothing (an tank top and a pair of shorts), and began to relax.
It would've lasted longer had Peter not waltzed in.
"Hey! What's all this?" He demands, scouring the room with curious eyes.
They land on your blanketed figure.
"I'm getting ready for a nap. This is how I did it on Earth and that's how I'm going to do it here, Star Lord." You mock his name, returning to your book.
Quill narrows his eyes at you and instinctively, you become apprehensive.
"Don't you look at me with those beady eyes!" You laugh, snapping the book shut.
"Ha! Sorry, babe! Anywho
:iconlocamikimocha:LocaMikiMocha 125 21
Comfort from Cramps (Peter Quill x Reader)
(Y/n) had been acting weird all day.
First, she had snapped at Rocket for no reason during breakfast. Then, she had actually started crying when Drax made one of his usual misguided comments. And the whole day, she looked like she was in pain.
Peter had tried to ask her what was wrong, but she had just shouted at him and stomped off, leaving him to ponder what could possibly have her behaving this way. (Y/n) had spoken to Gamora, who had given her the day off from her duties. When Peter approached Gamora about it, though, she refused to tell him what was going on. Finally, determined to get answers, Peter went to (y/n)’s room and knocked.
Getting no response, he pushed the door open. (Y/n) was lying on her bed, facing the wall. She didn’t even move when he came in, and he wondered if she was asleep.
“(Y/n)?” he called softly, “Are you alright?”
“Leave me alone,” came the muffled reply.
Once he knew that she was awake, Peter stepped into t
:iconfangirl221:fangirl221 165 18
Sara Ryder [OC] + Reyes Vidal : Commission by LittleSweetie Sara Ryder [OC] + Reyes Vidal : Commission :iconlittlesweetie:LittleSweetie 6 2
Horror Marathon (Tokiya Ichinose x Reader)
Tokiya sat alone in the large living room with a book in his hand and a cup of warm coffee on the table before him. He remained silent as his eyes would scan past each of the words in his small blue book.
The silence embraced the bluenette as he calmly sat back in his seat and let out a soft sigh. A smile then slowly began to appear on his face.
But then he heard someone lean against the couch and gently jab him in the shoulder with their finger. He had looked up to find a familiar female standing over the sitting man.
________ stood there with a soft smile on her face and recently wet hair. It appeared that she had just gotten out of the shower. She wore a simply camouflage wife-beater tanktop that had a opening on her back and a simple pair of undergarments. Other than those, she was bare of any clothing to cover her.
"What is it, _________?" The bluenette asked with a soft sigh.
She had then held out a small drink in her hand. "I saw that Rei-Nii and Oto-Yan found your Manuka Honey,
:iconokami-wolfgod:Okami-WolfGod 10 1
Ostagar by LittleSweetie Ostagar :iconlittlesweetie:LittleSweetie 28 4 The Past by LittleSweetie The Past :iconlittlesweetie:LittleSweetie 15 4


It's not New Year for me for a couple more hours but wanted to wish everyone a Happy New Year that is way better than the next! Seriously, 2017 better make up for the damage 2016 did to me :""D Else I'm doomed X""D ahhahahahha <3 


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